Dehydrated fruit powders

A pure delight and 100% natural

Festive, concentrated and colourful, our dehydrated fruit powders are there to please!

Like all of our dehydrated fruits, our fruit powders result from the totally natural dehydration of picked ripe fruits. Before being ground, the fruits are slowly dehydrated with a hot air circulation process that delicately removes the water from them. We privilege this conventional dehydration because it allows us to maintain the maximum nutrients and all the flavours of the fruit. Ultimately, our dried fruit powders are concentrates, 100 % natural and do not contain any preservatives. Offering all of the freshness of fresh fruit, they are perfect for a multitude of uses!
Dehydrated fruit powders

Use our fruit powders almost everywhere

Dehydrated fruit powders are easy to use. As an ingredient or as a decorative element, they can be quickly incorporated or simply added into numerous recipes. When integrating a fruit powder to your dishes, not only do you make them more flavourful, but you also make them more nutritious. Our dehydrated fruit powders effectively contain many vitamins and minerals. They are a concentrate of what the fruit has to offer: fresh taste and health benefits.

The secret ingredient that gives your recipes an exquisite taste

Want to give your recipes a marvelous flavour? Dehydrated fruit powders will do wonders! They can be easily introduced into your smoothie recipes, your favorite yogurt, the preparation of homemade lemonade, energy balls, cereal bars and chocolate. From snacks to guilty pleasures (little indulgences, little weaknesses, sinful treats), everything, or almost everything, can be enhanced with fruit powders!

Chocolates decorated with fruit powder
Fruit powder
For example, the chocolatier can use raspberry powder to create a new chocolate. Do you like to make truffles at Christmas? Let your guests discover the most scrumptious new flavours created when you use fruit powders!

The final touch that impresses every time

Do you like adding that original touch when presenting your dishes? Our dehydrated fruit powders are ideal for decorating an array of desserts such as cakes, pies and so many pastries. They may also be used to decorate a main dish when its mix of flavours harmonises with the fruit powder.

On a day-to-day basis, fruit powders can be easily sprinkled in your bowl of oatmeal or cereal. In addition to embellishing your plate or your bowl, you will gain in flavours and health benefits.

Preparing cocktails is something you like doing? Enrich your sugar mix with fruit powder and frost your glass. The added taste and colour will have an effect that people will talk about!

Fruit powder on cereals

Dried fruit powders offered by ANHYDRA

ANHYDRA offers you 8 dehydrated fruit powders. From citrus fruit to berries, they’re the most delicious!

We have these for you:

Important numbers

Particle size, humidity, and water activity are elements that we measure to ensure our production of high quality fruit powders. Our conventional dehydration process, on its part, renders a good shelf-life to our dehydrated powder fruits.

  • Particle size: 80% pass 12 mesh
  • Humidity: ≤ 5%
  • Water activity: ≤ 0,650
  • Shelf-life/Storage conditions: Three (3) years when the product is stored in a cool and dry space.

You can count on ANHYDRA’s expertise for obtaining higher quality products.


Our advice

If you use dried fruit powders for their supply of vitamins and minerals, avoid cooking them or adding them to hot foods. In every case, heat and cooking reduce the amount of nutrients they contain.

Try our dehydrated fruit powders

Try out our fruit powders and discover the coloured and tasteful side of ANHYDRA! You’ll be delighted by their ease of use and by their explosion of flavours in your recipes.