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ANHYDRA Dehydrated Fruits

ANHYDRA specializes in the natural dehydration of organic and conventional fruit. Our dehydration technique is quite simple: using a constant flow of hot air, water is slowly dried out from the fruit until the desired moisture content is reached.
The slow dehydration process preserves the flavours, colours and many of the nutrients of each fruit.
Our dehydrated fruits are 100% natural and contain no added sugar, salt, oil or preservatives.
The natural dehydration of the fruit ensures that flavours and colours are extracted quickly and efficiently.


Food and beverage creators benefit from the superior quality of our dehydrated fruit.

Chocolate makers



Our Advantages

Since day one, the quality of our dehydrated fruit has been ANHYDRA’s top priority.
Naturally tasty and healthy dried fruit.
Ready-to-use ingredients with a long shelf life.
Wide choice of organic and conventional fruit.
At the forefront of market developments, we are always on the lookout for new trends. We are particularly proud of the various certifications we have been granted and the high standards we have established.

Our Dehydrated Fruits

Our Clients Create Wonders

ANHYDRA fruits are used in the production of many products. We are always impressed by the excellence and creativity of our customers!


Alchimiste Microbrasserie
Dehydrated Clementines

Instant Infusion Cubes

Fuse & Sip
Fruit Powders

Pink State Mint 1.5oz

State & Main Kitchen + Bar
Dehydrated Dragon Fruit Wheels

Wild Blueberry Gin

Artist in Residence
Dehydrated Wild Blueberries

What’s New at ANHYDRA

Brewing beers with dried fruits

Brewing beers with dried fruits

To create uniquely delicious beers, using dehydrated fruits, fruit powders and dried flowers are a must. Making beer is a fascinating experience. At ANHYDRA, we are truly privileged to collaborate with many microbreweries in their successes.

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Decorating your cocktails with dehydrated fruits

Decorating your cocktails with dehydrated fruits

The art of impressing your clients How to use dehydrated fruits to create a cocktail decoration that will get noticed For a lot of people, cocktail decoration means little paper parasol. It’s true that these were used for a very long time by barmen and barmaids to decorate the cocktails concocted for their clients.

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