The Best of Dehydrated Fruits

Quality above All

Providing our customers with high-quality dehydrated fruits has always been ANHYDRA’s top priority. Therefore, we have developed our work processes, dehydration, and quality controls in order to obtain top certifications in the food industry. The organic fruits dehydrated in our facilities are certified by Ecocert Canada. They are also certified Kosher by MK.
Dehydrated fruit certified by Ecocert Canada

Our Certifications

Certifications Ecocert
Canada Organic Certifications
Certifications ACIA
Certification Kosher by MK
Quality Control
Protecting the environment

Quality Control

From the batch traceability system to stability analyses and monitoring, we place great importance on the verification processes, from the receipt of raw materials to the delivery of our products. Our internal procedures ensure the quality of the dehydrated fruits we sell. They allow us to control critical processing steps, always ensuring that we adhere to meticulous hygiene and sanitation standards. Training is mandatory for all members of our team.


Respect for the environment is an integral part of our corporate values. All our production waste is composted, recycled or reused.


Fruits dehydrated in our facilities are used by numerous American companies in the processing and food service sectors. Being registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), our products are exported to the United States and are featured in many recipes and culinary creations.
Export of dehydrated fruit

100% Natural

We rely on a slow and natural dehydration process to provide you with exceptional dehydrated fruits. To learn more about our certifications, contact us!