What to do with dehydrated fruit slices

From the kitchen to Christmas decorations

Many uses of dehydrated fruit slices and their natural good scent!

Have you ever thought of replacing your Christmas ornaments with beautiful dried orange slices? Or how about adding decorative lemon slices to your table centerpieces? Dehydrated fruit slices have many everyday life uses. From the kitchen to making decorative items or potpourris, the only limit is your imagination!
What to do with dehydrated fruit slices

Decorations made with dehydrated fruit slices

Adding dehydrated fruits to your decorations is often very simple to do. Whether they are for Christmas, a birthday or any other special occasion, the result will be unique and without a doubt, out of the ordinary! A simple search on Pinterest will give you many decoration ideas to create with dried fruit wheels.

Original Christmas decorations

Christmas is by far the time of year when decorations are featured everywhere. From presents to the pine tree, these can all be decorated with the clever use of dehydrated fruit slices! In addition to being beautiful and diffusing a nice scent in a room, decorations with dried fruit wheels are definitely more eco-friendly.

Dehydrated orange wheels in your Christmas tree

Decorating your Christmas tree with dehydrated orange wheels is really easy to do. All it takes is a clear thread, like a fishing line, and a needle. Pass them through the orange slice just under the peel, make a knot and suspend your decoration on a branch. Jute twine or hemp rope can also be used instead of a clear plastic thread. And why not add lemon and lime wheels to the tree? If you like varied decorations, you’ll be delighted.

Decorating candles with dried fruit slices
Decorating gifts with dried fruit slices

Wreaths, decorations and presents

Dehydrated fruit slices are also perfect for creating Christmas wreaths and decorations for the house. Imagine the smell of a pine tree and fruit floating in the air… Mmmmm, so nice! To create your decorations, all you will need are a few materials like wire, a spool of clear nylon thread and dried fruit wheels. Depending on the shape, size or the length of the decoration you want, a few minutes or more will be needed for your project.

Feel like giving a more creative touch to your gift-wrapped presents? Dehydrated fruit slices are a marvel for replacing those famous boughs! With eco-friendly string, the slices will be all the rage while being better for the environment at the same time.

Decorations for all occasions

Christmas is undisputedly a celebration time when homemade decorations are fashionable. Adding dehydrated fruit slices to them is fun and easy to do. And what about including them in your decorations for other events and celebrations when you are organising these? Even if this doesn’t seem obvious, it is possible to do. For a child’s birthday, a wedding, a golf tournament or anything else for that matter, whether they are big or small, you can always integrate dried fruit wheels as soon as you think about decorating!

Our ideas for using dehydrated fruit slices in the kitchen

As an edible food, dried fruit wheels are perfect for so many recipes. They can be used as a decorative element as well as ingredients that will perfume your dishes wonderfully, while always giving them a most enjoyable flavour.

Dried fruit wheels on the table

You like to create your own table centerpieces? Think about integrating beautiful dehydrated fruit slices of lemon or lime! Whether big or small, original centrepieces at receptions are always the talk of the town. Favour raw materials like wood, glass and stone for your creations with dried fruit wheels; they will blend more easily as a composition.

Dehydrated fruit wheels
Does decorating a cake always seem too long and tedious work? You’re never completely satisfied with the result? Take advantage of dehydrated fruit slices and simplify your life! Use dried orange slices to decorate the edges around a cake. Add a slice of decorative lemon on top and surround it with fresh fruit or edible flowers. Yes, it’s as simple as that. Your creativity will do wonders every time!

Add them to your dishes and drinks

When preparing recipes, it’s quite normal to find dehydrated fruit wheels in the mix. As ingredients, they’re an excellent choice! You can use them in so many ways. For example:

  • Preparing that famous Christmas punch or those cocktails
  • Preparing marinades for your favourite meats or as a present for your favourite friends
  • Adding a slice to your tea, herbal tea or any other infusion
  • Covering your fish or poultry before baking them in the oven
  • Putting one in your hot soup bowl
Infusion with lemon wheel
The most wonderful thing about dried fruit slices is, when they are in contact with a liquid, they will rehydrate and can then be easily savoured. From perfuming a dish or a drink to being edible, there is never any wastage!

Naturally scented indoors

Added to your potpourris, dehydrated fruit wheels are an excellent way to delicately perfume ambient air in your home. Snuck into drawers or wardrobes, they’ll leave a pleasant scent in your clothes. They are ideal when storing off-season garments. The perfume of an orange, lemon or lime is far more interesting than a musty smell or that of naphthalene!

Dried fruit slices mix equally well with dried flowers. Added to a bouquet composition, they leave a nice scent, which lasts for many weeks. Included in a flower basket, they’ll be perfect! Why not offer some at Christmas?

No need to wait for a special occasion to benefit from the multiple uses of dehydrated fruit slices. Let your imagination go!

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