Our dehydrated fruits in Le BockAle beers

Aurora and Météorite

Le BockAle’s signature alcohol-free beers, brewed with our dehydrated raspberries, clementines and litchis!

Among the master brewers who use our dehydrated fruits for creating their beers, there is Le BockAle. This Drummondville microbrewery stands out with the quality and unique flavours of its alcohol and alcohol-free beers. Excellence of their know-how has recently been awarded at the World Beer Awards with prestigious prizes. Their alcohol-free Aurora and Météorite beers were given the honours!
Our dehydrated fruits in Le BockAle beers
Bockale Brewerie

Our congratulations to Le BockAle!

It is with great pleasure that we congratulate Le BockAle for the creation of these 2 outstanding alcohol-free beers, which distinguished themselves in the low-alcohol or alcohol-free beers category. The Aurora beer won the best sour beer in the world award while the Météorite beer won the title for the best white beer/wheat beer in Canada.
ʺI am impressed by what they’ve created and how their alcohol-free beers stand out on the market.ʺ — Martin Gilbeault, ANHYDRA, co-owner
Alcohol-free beers - Microbrasserie Le BockAle
It is with certainty that we say: ʺLe BockAle has a great selection of alcohol-free beers that are definitely worth the detour! ʺ

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