ANHYDRA celebrates its 10th anniversary

We thank you

10 years is something to celebrate!

10 years ago, ANHYDRA took its first steps. A decade later, we are 2 entrepreneurs still as passionate as ever about fruit dehydration! The road hasn’t always been easy, but it has allowed us to learn and surpass ourselves. Working as a team, surrounded by the right people and being present for others have made all the difference.
ANHYDRA celebrates its 10th anniversary

Where does the name ANHYDRA come from?

Have you ever heard of ʺanhydrousʺ, an adjective that means without water? Well 10 years ago, we didn’t know this word either. This adjective became the inspiration for our business’ name and is now part of our day to day life. Thank you Marki. 😉

From 2012 to 2022

In 2012, our first idea was to offer healthy snacks. We went into the production of naturally and cinnamon flavored dehydrated apples that were bagged in snack formats. Rose Drummond was our very first client to display our products on her shelves. Thank you!
2012 – First arrival of apples
2012 – First arrival of apples
2012 – Arrival of small dehydrators
2012 – Arrival of small dehydrators
Snacks weren’t a bad idea, but we quickly understood that we wanted to provide better access to healthy and flavorsome ingredients. As of 2013, we focussed on an expansion project, which in August 2014, resulted in leaving our location at the SDED industrial incubator. Thank you to the SDED professionals for their support and their confidence.
2015 – Show of products
2015 – Show of products
2021 – Laureates OSEentreprendre Challenge
2021 – Laureates of the Successful Business Inc. Section at the OSEentreprendre Challenge

At 1878 Power Street

New location = new prospects! As of 2015, ANHYDRA offers dehydrated vegetables and fruits as bulk sales and for custom processing services. The quality and diversity of our dehydrated fruits stand out. Time flies by and the production of snacks is replaced by a higher volume production for a clientele active in the food transformation sector. ANHYDRA has experienced continuous growth even through the COVID pandemic.

A thousand thank-yous to our team members for remaining with us!

ANHYDRA’s team members
2022 – Winter activity with our wonderful team members

To those who’ve made a big difference

ANHYDRA would not be the business it is now without the support and collaboration of a number of people. Our thank you goes out to our families for their participation and their unconditional support, without which we could not have achieved this dream. Another thank you goes to all those who have advised, endorsed, mentored and collaborated with us to make ANHYDRA grow. A last thank you goes to all of our clients who use our dehydrated fruits to create amazing products.

We rarely take the time to stop. However, today we are taking the time to celebrate our 10th anniversary and to send you a big thank you!

ANHYDRA’s 10th anniversary
2022 – We highlight ANHYDRA’s 10th anniversary. Thank you for having been there!

On the road for
another 10 years

Highlighting our business’ 10th anniversary was an exciting moment for us. We are both grateful for the years passed and believe that the years to come will be just as remarkable. We have some significant projects planned. Among them is the reorganizing of our production space that will allow us to double our fruit dehydration capacity.

One thing is certain. ANHYDRA will continue to stand out by always providing the best dehydrated fruits!

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